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April.19 2018

There is no set answer for how artists can express their ideas.

I have been deeply inspired by street culture and trends. They form a major interest of mine and I study them with great interest. I began a series of experiments using shoes in their shapes, textures, and colors until I can open a new shoes design laboratory, bursting with funky ideas and bold designs.

November 16, 2018


To me, Doorlab is my dear hobby and has become a major source of inspiration from street culture and trends. It is my first independent project as well. In February 2013  

I came across an interesting teaser advertisement of a limited edition shoe and that led me into collecting shoes with unique designs. 

These shoes work on the same principle as designing in my opinion. 

For instance, designers fill in the white silhouette of a shoe with different colors and material to represent the idea of the designer.  It really has become one of my firm interests. 


I initially designed Doorlab to communicate with the Sneaker Enthusiasts in my mother country and express my thoughts about them from a designer’s point of view. 

I deliver a critical analysis of the designs of shoes and explain the ideas behind each shoe. It is my first project to enhance communication with others through visual design and to broaden my perspectives in design through a young trendy route. 


November 16.2021

Q.1 What inspired you to start this brand, and has that changed as you’ve grown?

We started this brand because we wanted to do something crazy and totally new, creative things—some of our crew studied in art, advertising and design, some illustration, and other trades. We have all different backgrounds. Almost one year after, it turned to a real business, so we have to think about a real business model.


Now we’re thinking Doorlab is not just a hip brand, but a culture brand based in fashion. We would like to do everything based on fashion because fashion expression makes everything look cool.

Q.2 Why branch out into different fields?


I think we are expecting that we’ll be more in different industries, not just fashion. We want to a lot of different collaborations with non-fashion brands, and we’d like to be visual communicators between artists, fashion designers, and customers.


A lot of people think art and fashion are very difficult to access. We want to make them more closely, and so we’d like to make our customers and those who like our brand to feel more connected to fashion and the arts through our content.  That’s really, that’s one of our goals to make that connection.

doorlab hoodie_13x19.jpg

I have a huge interest in fashion, especially in streetwear and sneakers. 

This inspires me to start my own brand called Doorlab. I want to create a unique culture through Doorlab, which is more than just a fashion brand.

I want to apply experimental/creative concept to commercial output. 


Through numerous trials and failures, I have been constantly refining the concept of my brand. The entire process of designing from goods to pop up store is carefully planned.

I focused and developed each aspect of my design process from initial concept, prototyping, and producing the final piece. Outsourcing my products to the vendors offered me a great opportunity to learn practical skills. Taking responsibility for the whole process helped me gain confidence in my creative thinking and helped me be ready for finally presenting my new brand. 


Launching of my pop up store will be at the opening of the thesis show.

I am proud of the fact that Doorlab is started from Cranbrook and it will be all down to my sheer efforts and enthusiasm to bring it forward for further evolution.

“If you could do what you love and get by then you’re doing good.

But if you can do what you love and make money, then you’re blessed.”


-Ronnie Fieg

Artist Statement  |  Size 3"x 5"


May 14, 2019


Saturday was a special day for me. The day I marked the launch of my first pop-up store, Doorlab. 
The day I showed my thesis project at Cranbrook degree show. I want to thank everyone who came by to shop and support. It was definitely one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Thanks to Nina for helping me with the launching of my brand.


My first collection for Doorlab was born during my time here at Cranbrook so I called them "Cranbrook Collection". The collection was made in limited editions and most of them were sold out during the opening. I feel grateful for how it turned out. I will be working on a new collection so please stay tuned!

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