There is no set answer for how artists can express their ideas. 

No restriction and guideline. 

A white pair of trainers could be a white canvas to me.

Shoes should be fun and your style should reflect your own creativity. It’s time to start exploring what that means for each of us on a personal level.


- Virgil Ablo.

I have been deeply inspired by street culture and trends.

They form a major interest of mine and I study them with great interests. 

However, because I had to serve Korean military service duty, I could not update myself in the current trends for 2 and a half years.


Yet, I came across a brand new collaboration of Nike Air Max and the leading designer Virgil Ablo of on trend street fashion brand Off White, directed by Sean Wotherspoon.

Their shoe designs re-ignited my deep passion in street fashion and trends.


I began a series of experiments using shoes in their shapes, textures, and colors until

I can open a new shoes design laboratory, bursting with funky ideas and bold designs.

Jin Kim (rarejk) is 
living and working
in New York City, U.S.A.

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