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Upon entering the professional design world in 2009,

I have sharpened my skills both in practice and effective application in businesses such as entertainment, events & marketing, design firms, and non-profit organizations.

I believe the keys to a successful life are valuing others, communication, and persistence. I have devoted myself to creating individual pieces embedded with my zeal, interests and life experiences.

I am a visionary that makes creative Ideas come to life.

Not only do I come up with inventive solutions to communication problems, but I use my time management, drive, innovation, and resourcefulness to make it happen. My skills also include writing and editing, graphics and layouts design for print and web, and managing social media accounts. But I am yet to stop, constantly challenging myself to learn new programs and technology.

Ultimately, I would like to provoke thoughts and give hope. To me, graphic design is problem-solving - how people think and interact is abstracted to solve problems and used as an effective means of active communication.
I used to think that art was only meaningful in the world of Fine Art when I studied at Central Saint Martin’s in London. However, I am so glad that I can use graphic design as a newly acquired language in my world to help enrich our planet and by reaching out to many walks of life.

I look forward to the next phase of my life and career.
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